KINETECH DISTRIBUTION company was founded in 2005, located in Galati city. The main activity is the distribution and trading of handling and lifting equipments and weighing systems.


Although originally our goal was to deliver only the textile straps, chains, accessories and crane scales, due to the demands of its partners, we got to deliver the full range of products and lifting equipment and complex weighing systems. So our products are a full range:


Textile lifting slings, lifting chains and lifting slings

Industrial chains with welded links

Gall chains

Buckets, chains and components for elevators

Steel wire rope cables for cranes and other machineries

Accessories for lifting and lashing

Lifting clamps

Lifting Magnets and electromagnets

Forks for Forklifts

Lifting beams, Spreaders for handling containers, grabs.

New and used equipment: forklift trucks, tractor for trailers, trailers, railstackers.

Platform Scales

Crane Scales

General purpose industrial scales

Mechanical and electronic dynamometers


Our main principles:


1. Quality comes first

Most companies are struggling to deliver products at the lowest price at the expense of quality. We learned with our partners' quality reduce costs. Purchase our products and you will see that life products is much higher than other products.

2. Better price every year.

We are loyal to our customers. We negotiate every year prices with our suppliers and we offer discounts for our customers.

3. We take care to the end.

No matter where you are in Romania, our company delivers your products as soon as possible, either through our agents or through a carefully chosen courier company.

4. Service products in the shortest time possible.

Respond to requests as soon as possible.

5. Inform you about innovations in the field.

Each month, our company send you new innovations in these fields, taken from our suppliers and in magazines worldwide.


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